Working Properties

  • OneFire Sterling PMC will feel similar to other silver clays — or better. It has a noticeably longer working time, and like other clays, it can be lightly moistened as needed to extend this. Spritz the clay gently with water and allow a few minutes for it to penetrate before resuming work.
  • Even when dry, OneFire will be somewhat flexible. To increase this, massage a drop of glycerine into the clay before working.
  • OneFire earns high marks when it comes to carving. The dry clay is soft enough to carve easily but firm enough to give crisp edges and details.
  • To make paste, squeeze water into fresh clay with a putty knife or sand dry clay to make a powder that can then be mixed with water. Add the liquid sparingly and allow a few minutes for it to saturate before adding more. It's easy to go too far. If that happens, simply allow the paste to dry until it reaches the desired consistency.